Care for your Knitwear

Merino wool is an all natural, sustainable performance powerhouse you possibly weren’t expecting.  This can take you from Summer – Winter and back again.  It can keep you warm on those cool nights and cool you down on those hot days.  Wool has become a staple in functional and stylish clothing for the millennia. 

Merino is the worlds first unintentional technical performance fabric – don’t think the sheep knew what they were creating, which has been worn long before the modern day mass production of plastic based fabrics.

Crazy Fact: Human sweat has no odour.  It’s the bacteria that builds up on your clothing over time that smell. Able to hold up to 35% of its weight in water, wool is naturally odour resistant.  The moisture that bacteria thrives on is wicked away from your skin, soaked up and eventually released into vapour.

Merino is very durable yet remarkably light and with a need to be washed far less. 



Wearing merino takes the decision making away from what to wear out on your walk or lounging at home.  And when you eventually get around to washing your merino you will not be contributing to the 0.6-1.7 million tonnes of microfibres that are released into the ocean each year.  You are contributing to helping the environment with this embracing its natural, renewable and biodegradable longevity with us.


We have lots of options to help you from the Coby Wrap and Sweater (matching set) to the Cassidy Cardi. Convinced?  From our chunky knitwear to our lighter weight layering options as the Command Funnel Neck we are hard pushed to decide on one merino options. 



Come delve into our options that we have online and once we are up and running you will be able to take your pick of these lush options.

We promise your grandpas itchy sweaters are a thing of the past.