The Isolation edit: Rehia

Through this uncertain and unsettling time we are going to bring you nothing but positivity and cheer!

We talked to a few of our Verge team members and how they are navigating this new work from home lifestyle. 


Rehia, How are you spending Covid 19 lockdown period?


What are you reading, watching or listening to?

Reading - Medical Medium by Anthony Williams,  Listening to Beans & Rice Vol ONE on Spotify and Lenny Kravitz of course. Realm of the super natural – podcast. Watching Self Made on Netflix and Les Mills every morning at 9am from the couch!  



What are you cooking?

More than I’d like to be! Last week was my son’s birthday and he doesn’t like cake so I made him profiteroles. Worth the effort and easier than I thought. 



We made this no knead bread. Super easy and came out just like the recipe. It took less than 5 minutes to prep, you just need to leave it for 8-24 hrs to do it's thing.  


 Click for the recipe 
What are you drinking? 

More than I should. Partial to a light rose, a dry gin and tonic is going down very easily…. Otherwise plenty of water.   


What are you wearing?

Comfort clothes – Acrobat Apollo Shorts are my go to at the moment, no make-up, a smile 😊    


What are you doing daily?

Walking our dog with my husband around the waterfront.  She is loving this isolation, the whole family on tap = fur baby bliss. The weather has been spectacular, we are so lucky!

Working, keeping in touch with the team and trying to make the most of this time to work on our business.    


What are you working on?

Keeping myself and everyone motivated while we work from home. We’re spending a huge amount of time in meetings on ZOOM and probably communicating better than we were in the office, which is ironic!    


How are you surviving the isolation?

Spring cleaning and clearing out the laundry, super satisfying to find time for the jobs you never get too!

Encouraging our teenagers to do some home engineering – how to operate the vacuum and washing machine!