The Isolation edit: Michele

Through this uncertain and unsettling time we are going to bring you nothing but positivity and cheer!

We talked to a few of our Verge team members and how they are navigating this new work from home lifestyle.  



Michele, How are you spending Covid 19 lockdown period?

What are your isolation goals?

Remain calm, positive and endure. Keep my nearest and dearest close, safe, well and motivated.  

To come out the other side to a new if different future.   


What are you cooking?  

Goats cheese, pumpkin and caramelised onion tart. 

Granny's sultans cake, she has just celebrated her 100th birthday. 


What are you reading and watching? 

Reading everything I can lay my hands on, novels, BOF articles, motivational diatribes, Coco by Megan Hess. 

Watching Netflix - the Crown, movies, docos and cooking shows. 


What are you listening to?

The playlist from Chloe's wedding, simply divine.


What are you drinking?

Reichi Cappuccinos, Tulsi tea, Pink gin, Rose - All depends on the time of day. 

What are you wearing?

Verge Spirit pants, very comfy. Verge dell shirt and shorts as its still warm, Verge Change skirt, tee and runners as going to the supermarket is now an event. Curls, curls, curls, forget the blow wave and be natural! 


What are you working on?

Returning to a slower place and simpler life. Walking the dog, spending time with my daughters, sorting all those cupboards, cleaning and gardening, cooking delicious meals, sewing for my little granddaughter Ava. Virtual drinks with friends via House Party, poring over old photo albums. Reassuring my customers, we will still be there despite the way business is morphing. Imagine the opportunities to come!