Caring for your knitwear 

Read care instructions on your garment to keep you knitwear in optimal condition.


Many of our knitwear is made of beautiful natural fibres such as Cashmere, Wool and Merino Wool for extra softness.  



The best way to refresh wool garments is to just air it out. Wash as little as possible and spray with a fabric refresher spray to extend between necessary washes. 

Knitwear doesn’t need frequent washing but the benefits of investing the time to hand wash your knitwear will mean your garments will last multiple seasons.  Fibres such as Wool and Cashmere are best to be gently hand washed to keep the shape, colour and to reduce pilling. By hand washing your VERGE knitwear it removes the fibres that have come loose from wear and have come to the surface of the garment causing pilling.



See our hand washing guide  




Pilling or balling is not unusual with knitwear, especially in natural, luxuriously soft fibres. This is not a fault. You can remove the little balls by hand or gently use a fabric comb to run over the affected area and remove the pilling. Washing often settles the fibres and pilling is less likely after your first wash. 



Storing your knitwear correctly is important to keep it looking as good as new. To store your VERGE knitwear, fold neatly and place in the dust bag with a lavender sache. Never hang knitwear, always store flat. 

Clean knitwear before storing for a prolonged amount of time, moths and silverfish are drawn to unwashed garments. These insects both attack natural fibres, especially Merino wool and Cashmere. Lavender and cedar wood are noxious to these pests so storing your garments with these scents will help protect your knitwear further. Kill off moths and silverfish by placing your garments in an airtight plastic bag in the freezer for 72 hours.

Seasonally sort through your wardrobe and drawers, remove all your garments and vacuum up debris. This will decrease the risk of any damage.      


VERGE garments are thoughtfully designed and created to stand the test of time.


We hope you enjoy wearing yours for years and years.